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WANISA DEVELOPERS -A division of Esteem Properties has built a reputation across the full range of property developments from single unit dwellings to infrastructural development projects. We ensure that property development is managed professionally from concept through to completion and we pride ourselves with our vast experience in town planning, developing of large scale buildings and townships projects.

As a division of a renowned prestige property company, we understand that every development project is unique so it’s important to have access to resources you can trust. Our highly trained specialists are experts across all components of a successful property development, which include

  • Town planning
  • Infrastructural development
  • Project Development Assessment
  • Project Feasibility & Development Solutions
  • Project Design
  • Project Finance
  • Building and Construction solutions
  • End product marketing and sales

Esteem Properties takes pride in its unique position, offering the broad prospective buyer a network of a large firm, while giving you the time and attention you would receive from a small boutique company. We custom-tailor the optimal marketing plan for your property, featuring advertisements in reputable platforms and developing professional direct communication channels , virtual tours, and informative brochures & fact sheets.

SELLING – We have helped home sellers earn more than they expected. Our real estate professionals welcome and treat every client with a belief that needs are unique and therefore each client needs special attention.


BUYING -Our real estate agents help find your dream home and stay on budget.

You’re never sweet-talked into buying a home or accepting a listing offer you’re not comfortable with or don’t fully understand.

We trust it’s a priority to trust the people occupying your property. We allow you to set desired requirements for who can occupy and under your desired conditions. We reinforce your expectations by our strict background check and detailed contracts.

We at Esteem Properties are driven to partner with you through every step of the process. To simplify your expectations and make your wish come true.

We strive to be the first choice in real estate by providing a personal touch. Creating value by anticipating our client’s needs. Leveraging our knowledge and relationships in the market to create an enjoyable experience.

A property Valuation or a property appraisal can be one of the very best tools that you can use to market or secure your property. For a reasonable cost you can get a realistic Valuation or appraisal of your property value. This can help you achieve several objectives:

  • You can set a realistic and saleable price on your home when you put it on the market.
  • You can make improvements on your home to increase the value.
  • With the right information, you can take care of some of the legal or business concerns that your property might have.
  • You can use it as a datum for securing finance

As property managers we maintain a portfolio of properties directing the buying, selling, leasing and maintenance of properties in the portfolio.

We provide advice and information on operating costs as well as the annual budget for the properties. We evaluate records for accuracy, completeness, and compliance with policies.

We manage commercial, industrial, or residential properties.

Esteem Properties has a construction division that specialises in design and construction of buildings. Esteem Construction’s process uses the strengths of a single-source planning, design and construction expertise to bring more accountability, control and value to a project. It’s about working together for a common goal and building with a purpose from idea conception – with the best team members for a project.

Esteem Properties

Esteem construction has become a preferred alternative to the traditional costruction process. It keeps surprises out of your projects and ensures minimal risk and maximum efficiency.

Single-source responsibility. As your single-source design-builder, Esteem construction is the only point of contact for the design and construction of your project.

A team of experts. We’ll bring experts together in all the disciplines needed – engineers, architects and subcontractors – to make any size of project a success.

One contract. All project services – from initial concept to completion – are delivered to the owner under a single contract.


Working with a single-source construction company like Esteem Properties is a great way to ensure that your project not only gets done, but also gets done right.

Guaranteed Maximum Price  •  Open Book Policy  •  Greater Time Efficiencies  •  Shared Cost Savings  •  Faster Delivery  •  Better Quality  •  Decreased Administrative Burden  •  Reduced Risk  • More Creative Solutions

Property condition is a key element in maintaining property value. Superior maintenance will attract quality residents and a property that shows well will rent sooner and command a higher rate. Our systematic follow-up procedure ensures jobs are completed in a timely and cost effective manner. This provides stronger relationships with property occupants and helps to keep them in a property longer and ultimately saving money.

Our 24/7 maintenance provides our clients and residents with the satisfaction of knowing the property is continually being maintained properly. No need wasting  time dealing with multiple vendors and choose a single point of contact, Esteem Properties as your trusted leader for property management and maintenance.

We are a quality oriented full service company that pays strict attention to detail and it shows. We handle anything from grounds maintenance building maintenance. We have a pool of qualified professional and courteous staff that delivers with excellence

Esteem Properties is an active manager that uses a variety of analytical tools and market “signposts” that inform its investment decision making process. we deliver personalized attention in a family-friendly environment that giant investment firms simply can’t match.

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